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  • Datum 10.12.2020.

The people of Liverpool are called ‘Scousers’ (and there is a whole story about that linked to Liverpool’s history as a global port, but that’s another story).

Scousers are a passionate bunch, just ask them which football team they support and you will see this. It’s either Liverpool or Everton; though you may be able to guess which ones are the happiest at the moment! Scousers love to party and Christmas is no exception. Scousers also like to dress up, so there will be many of these Liverpool FC Christmas jumpers around on Christmas Day.


Liverpool is one of the biggest cities in the UK but the centre is relatively compact. The focal point is the Pier Head on the River Mersey, with its famous Liver Building. On the top of which you can see the Liver Bird, this cormorant like bird is the symbol of the city (you can also see it on the LFC jumper).

From the Pier Head you can walk up through the main shopping streets to the famous Lime Street Station. At this time of year the shops are full, supplemented by the many Christmas market stalls, which pop up in the heart of the city at this time.

The streets are also adorned with lights, Christmas trees and other decorations. Lots of people, from the surrounding region, come to the city centre to enjoy the festivities and to do their Christmas shopping.

For more information on Christmas in Liverpool have a look at the Liverpool Echo, that’s our local newspaper.

So Happy Christmas, Joyeux Noel or as they say here Sretan Božić!

Tricia Alegra Jenkins

Tricia Alegra Jenkins MBE is the former Director of the international Centre for Excellence in Educational Opportunities at the University of Liverpool in England, where she had worked for over 30 years. When she retired she decided to leave Liverpool and come to Croatia to stay with her son for a while. Tricia had worked with the FOI in Varaždin for several years and had visited Croatia many times, this had led to her son working and living here. After a couple of years Tricia liked living here so much she decided to stay permanently! Working with Didasko, Tricia is now learning Croatian and running conversation classes in English for students of all ages. Tricia understands completely how difficult it is to learn a language as an adult but she is enjoying the interesting and diverse conversations that she is having with the other Didasko students.


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